Business Academy Discovery Day1

About Discovery Seminars

If your business right now is not providing the returns in time, money or satisfaction you deserve register for one of our Discovery Seminars and find out if Business Academy is right for you and for your Business...

Attendance at one of our Discovery Day events running online is by invitation only and free to business owners who are serious about developing themselves, their business and their profits, with no obligation to join Business Academy.


"The most productive and informative workshops I have ever attended. Any business would get great value from attending." Angela, Royal Bank of Scotland.


Our Guarantee: “If you do not walk away from one of our Discovery Day events with new ideas from our certified Business Academy Partner Coaches to help overcome current business challenges or move your business forward, we will pay you £100 for your time”.


“Quite simply it was FANTASTIC! The best course I have ever been on - and I've been on a lot! The real differentiator for me was the quantity of achievable initiatives. I implemented at least 4 within 24 hours, which will make a real difference to our business." LloydsTSB Commercial Banking Customer


Our Discovery Seminars are in part an open forum, which means you get the ultimate say on what areas of business development and personal success we focus on. This is the perfect opportunity for you to step out of the day to day running of your business and focus on how to improve and grow it.

Imagine where your business would be if you could;

  • Take control of your business and your team
  • Work ON your business instead of IN your business
  • Take immediate control of the time you spend
  • Turn your marketing into an investment
  • Leverage your resources to maximise profitability
  • Recruit, motivate, educate, retain exceptional employees
  • Systemise your business to to maximise efficiency
  • Provide consistent, exceptional customer service
  • Learn how to re-invest better profits to create personal wealth
  • Get the quality of life for you and your family that you started your business for


"The session completely exceeded my expectations, I really enjoyed the experience an the wealth of knowledge was impressive"

The Usual Format

90mins: Discover how to get a better business and gain time back + Plus open questions
15mins: Break + Networking with other business owners
75min: Discover marketing, massive profits and a better team
30min: Discover an exceptional future and the benefits of Business Academy Membership
Networking & Close


"I have sat through many seminars through the past 15 years and the presentation style and slant on things just seems to make sense.. incredible energy and an extensive knowledge which you generously share, cant wait for business academy"


Ready to find out more?

Drop us a line today to find out when the next Discovery Seminar is running online near or contact your Business Academy Partner Coach in your area.