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“When I started business academy my business was in serious debt and by the time I had graduated into Growth Academy we were completely debt free, in great profit and took on 8 more employees in 6 months, it’s a roller coaster ride but well worth it.”
David, Class of 2014.

Your nine Business Academy workshops cover every aspect of leadership and business growth. Each can be delivered independently, however they are designed to be ‘best experienced’ sequentially, where the Online Workbooks act as live interactive Support Systems...

The Support Systems

Business Academy Support Systems are simple to follow whilst highly strategic and entrepreneurial – combinations that will help participants from any size or type of business make better strategic decisions, solve problems creatively and efficiently, and drive the overall direction of your company.

The true value of attending Business Academy will come from applying what you have learned in the workshops. The easy to follow self-guided online support tools are designed to add value between sessions, whilst helping you develop your overall business. These systems have hundreds of strategies with simple tips to implement them and you get to keep and reference them forever – Priceless!

Online Workbooks and Systems
Support Systems

The Criteria

To be clear, Business Academy is NOT for everyone... The size and type of your business does not matter. But your willingness to take part with 100% commitment and take action on what you learn does. And while we guarantee your satisfaction, so there is zero risk on your part, we insist that only serious Business Owners apply for a place. That said, if you are serious about your business, and you're willing to be open minded about new ideas and new ways of looking at your business and what it really means to be a successful business owner, then here are 5 reasons why you must join us on this extraordinary and exclusive program:

1. This is your ultimate insurance policy against the economy, competitors and any other external influence on your business. Learn precisely how to control the flow of customers and clients into your business and the flow of money into your bank account.

2. You will discover dozens of new strategies, tips, tools and techniques to grow your business fast. The entire goal of the Program is to grow your business by 50% - 100%.

3. You will receive personal support at each session to answer your questions, help you solve your biggest problems and motivate and inspire you. We know that your business and life can be so much more than it is now. Let your Business Academy Partner Coach personally help you make that a reality.

4. The Power of Immersion. If you've never had an immersive experience like this, its power is significant. For you and our coach's to work together on your business- but in a way that doesn’t interfere with your schedule, is potentially transformative. Each month in our 2.5 hour evening workshop, you'll master the leading edge strategies of a particular subject. Then between each session, you'll implement what you've learned.

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5. Your investment is 100% safe and unconditionally protected by the Business Academy Guarantee.

Here’s the key: Once you learn how to build one profitable successful business, you can build as many as you like. Once you learn how to invest profits and compound your returns you can become financially independent. This programme will show you how to do both.

The Workshops

Start With The End In Mind - Setting your Future Workshop. Learn how to get your team enrolled, engaged and contributing, plus the most powerful but underused management and leadership tool available to you right now. You’ll learn how to build a business, regardless of age, from the foundations up starting with the Culture of a winning company

Workshop 1

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Support System

Online Organisation Culture Development System

Organisation and Cultural Development (OCD) Support System - When it comes to developing and living your organisations culture, you should have a touch of OCD... Culture transcends at some level through every country or commonwealth, area, city, town genres, religion, or ethnic group. Through every organisation, group, team or family. Therefore IN BUSINESS, before strategies, before operations, before sales, before systems, before team, the leader’s role is to establish the culture with their team.

Be The Change You Wish To See – Self Leadership Workshop. You cannot learn to lead others until you can Lead yourself, and the quality of your leadership journey and potential will be dependent on your ability to build cognitive, emotional & conscious awareness skills to influence others, and an internal belief systems to overcome any obstacle

Workshop 2

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Support System

Online Leasership DNA System

Leadership DNA (Development Needs Analysis) System - Individuals in leadership positions should recognise a need to develop and improve, and most will realise a gap exists between where they are now and where they would like to be. The Leadership DNA system allows  academy members to define and recognise the gap and benchmark their current reality, giving insights and score interpretations. A self-assessment Leadership Scorecard provides a platform for you to create a Personal Development Plan.

Time For Success - Time Intent Workshop - What You Think You Know about Time Management is Outdated. As a concept it was invented to help you develop strategies that would allow us to get stuff done faster so that theoretically we would have more time to do more stuff, though it is rarely stuff that really matters, or someone else could and should be doing it for you. The time you have 'spent' to get you to where you are today, will not get you to where you want to be tomorrow. To maximum you and your team’s productivity and your businesses effectiveness you need to stop 'spending time' and learn how to 'invest time with Intent'.

Workshop 3

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Time To Rev It Up1

Support System

Online Time For Success System

Life TIME Leverage Support System - A proprietary and comprehensive step by step guide to help you understand your relationship with time and put personal systems in place so you can manage your personal energy, your team and your business far more effectively and efficiently.

"Time Management is about 'Spending Time' to create future workload; Time Intent© is about 'Investing Time' to create future choices."

Derek Mair

Today I’m More Energised, empowered and enriched.

Business Finance Made Simple – Know Your Numbers Workshop. What you think you know about Business Finance is based on a Performance 'Result' Indicator that resides at the foot of your P&L.. Learn how to ask better questions of your accountant and bank manager by understanding how to interpret your full accounts. We will develop a Financial Dashboard through KPI’s and ratios so you can spot challenges, recognise opportunities and make informed decisions through your numbers.

Workshop 4

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Support System

Online Business Health and Wealth Calculators

Business Health and Wealth Calculators Support System -
If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business. This workbook is designed to re-educate you on your own business using information you already have so that you may ask better questions of your support stakeholders; You will Plug & Play with, and more importantly understand, your Balance Sheet and how your Profit and Loss Statement got you to your Balance Sheet. You will understand how to use your Cash Flow Statement to efficiently manage your cash flow along with a budget statement. You will even be able to access the Business Ratios used by your bank manager and investors to assess lending and Investment.

Buying Customers – Marketing Workshop. When it comes to Marketing most people believe the purpose is to tell people what you do in order to sell them your products or service; it’s not! Learn how to create a Customer Attraction System that will drive a marketing machine generating lead after lead, and cash flow stability.

Workshop 5

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Support System

Online Customer Attraction and Retention System

Customer Attraction and Retention System (CARS) - Virtually no one would build a new house without a detailed set of plans, why then would you try to grow a business without a detailed plan? So what is the driver for business growth? Accounting can't drive growth, HR can't drive growth, organisational structure and systems can't drive growth--these are all important structures to ensure you can sustain growth, but commercial development is the engine for growth, therefore we need a great commercialisation plan as a catalyst…

The Psychology of a Buying – Sales Workshop. If you want Sales training you can get it anywhere; we will look at the psychology of how people buy and how to effectively communicate, that will make you a great sales person. We will create a Customer Approval System (sales process) unique to your business maximising prospect conversions.

Workshop 6

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Support System

Online Customer Attraction and Retention System

You will have access to one of the most powerful support systems available on the market today with over 600 business development commercialisation strategies.
The CARS Online Workbook will guide you through the marketing, sales and customer service workshops building a sustainable system in their business to maximise profits.

Customer Attraction System = Predictable Cash flow

Customer Approval System = Predictable Revenue

Customer Retention System = Predictable Life-Time Profits

The WOW Factor – Customer Service Workshop. Great Customer Service is all about creating a WOW factor and service led culture along with the Customer Retention and Referral System that will turn your customers into your most effective marketing and sales machine.

Workshop 7

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Support System

Online KPI Planning and Dashboard System

KPI Planning and Systems Dashboard Support System
Whilst the CARS System is again the primary support system for this workshop, academy members need to understand that systems maturity is key to business success and sustainability yet there is no specific workshop in Business Academy for systems. The fact is that systems are integrated into every workshop and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are quantifiable measurements that reflect ‘progress’ towards a predetermined outcome or goal in a business. You will have the opportunity to work with your own team through the online workbook to define the best key performance indicators for your business and generate a management dashboard to measure progress. The premise is simple: YOU CANNOT MANAGE WHAT YOU DO NOT MEASURE.

Creating a High Performance Team - Team Building Workshop. It starts with great leadership creating rhythm in the business and influencing stakeholders. We will look at motivation, performance, target setting, defining roles, rules and responsibilities, and all the 7 Fundamentals of a Winning Team

Workshop 8

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Support System

Online Team Profile System

Team Profiling Support System -  Your Online Team Profile questionnaire has been designed to help your team members rate their own business in relation to the ideal team they all wish to have. We have identified 25 key areas that contribute to team success in the areas of Purpose and Direction, Team Leadership, Understanding Differences, Processes, Communication, Empowerment, Relationships. Providing your team members with an anonymous platform to express their opinions is very powerful and can be used as an opportunity to involve them more in improvement brainstorming and actions, resulting in team members who are motivated to contribute at far higher levels.

Plus Free Bonus Workshop - Personal Wealth Creation and The Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Workshop. Learn in simple terms about the different types of asset classes, how to raise investment cash flow for your current business or to acquire future businesses. How to create investment capital from profits, compound your returns, create wealth from multiple income streams. And so much more…

Workshop 9

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Support System

Online Profit Multiplier System

Business Wealth Creation Support System - The secret to Wealth Creation is to compound your investments, by definition therefore you firstly require equity in order to invest. The purpose of your business is to maximise the utilisation of all your assets in order to create an excess of profits to create business equity and optimise your personal tax position to turn it into personal equity for investment purposes. When it comes to investing you must understand the equity cycle; Turn your business equity efficiently into Personal equity. As you grow your personal equity so do you grow your quality of life. The second part of the Wealth Creation Support System allows members to plan their equity growth and supplemental income.

Other Support Systems

Up Sell Tools

Next Steps...

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